Mercator Health Advisors




What’s in a Name

Mercator Health Advisors is named after the 16th Century map maker, Gerardus Mercator, who in 1569 invented the world’s system of longitude and latitudes, amazingly still in use by navigators today. We take pride in our visual world logo and motto, “Charting your Course to Success,” a unique historical connection to our philosophy.

About Mercator Health Advisors

Mitch Monsour’s vision and creativity are based on 44 years as a Health Executive, with 21 as a Hospital Administrator and 23 years in Consulting / Management Services as President of Mercator Health Advisors. His practice has spanned a wide range of Hospital settings and corporate cultures. Each experience has offered insight into the unique MISSION and clinical role of individual hospitals and the realization that all healthcare is truly “local” with full respect to physician-patient relationships. In his long career, he has developed an award winning reputation for strategic and operational initiatives in clinical programs, ambulatory campus design, value based networks, financial performance, and rural delivery models.


Mitch’s motivation is to advantage his broad career experiences in the post CV-19 environment, with particular focus on the value of rural healthcare. Interim engagements will call for quick evaluation and leadership action toward stability, solutions, and sustainability geared to the local parameters and culture. When a hospital chooses to engage Mitch, they are getting the “First Team,” with unique abilities to offer.

To the Present

To the present, he sees the reality that Triple Aim objectives (Quality, Cost, Patient Satisfaction) will be demanded by all payors. These matters coupled with CMS regulatory changes signify his belief that we are at the start of a new Healthcare (Business) Life Cycle. This will require new C-Suite skillsets at all provider levels. His colleagues classify such “Action – Impact” leadership under the common thesis, “CONCEPT-CULTURE-COACHING.” These are foundation principles towards fiscal integrity supported by accountability, entrepreneurship, and newfound management reporting standards.